Our Values

Since its very beginning, in 1973, the permanent assistance to the farmer has been the principal target of the whole personnel of La Bragadense S.A..


To be a company that provides innovative solutions, generating value in a sustainable way. Establishing long lasting relationships , incorporating technologies and contributing with knowledge that allows a sustainable future.



To be a point of reference in the provision of integral products and services for our clients. Developing colleagues, building committed teams, with a strong social and environmental responsibility.



Our strong commitment to safety, quality and the environment not only implies a process of continuous improvement but is also a priority in each of our actions.


Integrity and Respect: We want to be honest people, with clear ethical and moral values. We operate in a diverse framework of respect for others.

Coherence: We want to be coherent between what we say and do. There has to be a line of conduct that expresses symmetry between what we express and the way we act on a daily basis.

Positive Attitude and Commitment: We want to have a pro-active as well as a positive approach to face problems and seek solutions. All within a framework of strong commitment with our responsibilities and work.

Innovation: We want to be innovative. We want to stay away from comfort zones. We want to think out of the box and look for alternatives ways of doing things. We aim at giving space to think different and offer innovative ideas.

Passion: We like what we do, we work with passion, looking for continuous improvement. We also want that passion to be balanced in the labor aspects looking to achieve an equilibrium of our personal life and that of our community.